We offer a full range of Paterson products, below is a list of Paterson products we stock. Please contact us for any information on the Paterson products we stock. Visit Paterson for further information

Our Stocklist

PTP115 Paterson Universal Dev. Tank
PTP117 Paterson Multi Reel 5 Dev. Tank
PTP120 Paterson Film Spiral – Box Of 6
PTP201 Paterson Ptp 201 Force Film Washer
PTP218 Paterson Film Clip Set
PTP258 Ptp258 Rapid Print Drying Rack
PTP304 Ptp304 600Ml Measure Paterson
PTP309 Paterson 1 Litre Measuring Jug
PTP310 Patterson 2 Ltr Measuring Jugs
PTP328 Ptp328 20X24 Single Tray Patterson
PTP335 Paterson 10X12 Developing Trays (3)
PTP336 Ptp336 12X16 Tray Set Patterson
PTP337 Paterson 16 X 20 Developing Tray Set -3″
PTP341 Ptp341 Print Tongs Paterson
PTP613 Ptp613 35Mm Spare Pages (25) Patterson
PTP614 Paterson 120Mm Spare Neg Pages Pk 25
PTP619 Paterson 35Mm Proof Printer
PTP623 Paterson Pro-Printer
PTP643 Paterson Micro Focus Scope
PTP745 Paterson Precision Enlarger Timer
PTP760 Ptp760 Dome Safe Light Paterson
PTP800 Paterson Tripple Timer