Our Services

A love affair with film

Despite the phenomenal growth of the digital photographic industry, film retains a strong appeal and here at John Gunn camera shop we are passionate about it.  In recent years the analogue market has held its own with many of our customers now shooting both film and digital.

We keep substantial stocks of the latest production supplied direct to us from the manufacturers and through their official supply channels.  We stock mainly Fuji, Ilford and Kodak and from time to time we expand this range depending on market trends and product innovation.

We stock colour films of both Fuji and Kodak, from budget to high end professional films. No matter where you are at in your photography lifecycle, we can offer you the appropriate film.


B&W film hand processed on-site


Black and white negative film in both 135mm and 120 formats is processed by hand on site. 

  • Turn around time for this service is 2 - 3 working days.  We process 4 times per week.
  • Services offered include:
    • develop only,
    • develop & print, and
    • develop & scan to CD/USB/email or other media. 

Scans on 135mm negative are 21.6mb jpegs and 35.6mb jpeg on 120. Please specify what media you wish your scan to be provided on when you place your order.  There is an additional charge where we provide the media.







Camera repairs


Our repair service deals with:

  • warranty repairs for Canon and Nikon.  These repairs are carried by fully trained, authorised technicians in the manufacturers official repair workshops.  We deal directly with the servicing departments of those equipment manufacturers whose brands we stock.
  • repairs to analogue cameras.  These are outsourced to an independent repair man.

Please bring your item in to our store where we can undertake a quick initial inspection and advise on the best course of action for you.


Sensor Cleaning


If you own an interchangeable lens camera it is inevitable that over time you will get a build-up of dust gathering within the chamber of your camera body.

Through use of your camera and due to the static build up this dust then makes its way onto the camera sensor.

This dust becomes apparent when photographing against a plain light coloured background or even a blue sky. You’ll notice these dark spots will appear in the same place in all of your photographs.

Our sensor cleaning service is available on Canon and Nikon cameras.  Drop in and see us, or get in touch via email: johngunncamerashop@gmail.com or phone us on: 01 4781226



Canon Promotions


 Canon have added more dates to their online training courses, vouchers are available with the purchase of any of their Mirrorless or digital DSLR'S.