About Us


Welcome to the John Gunn Camera Shop website.

We  turned 50 on the 15th March 2021. We stock a wide variety of film, from 110 through 135mm and  120 to 8x10". We process both black and white film and C41 on site and up to medium format. Our Fuji Lab is a wet processing system which prints on Fuji Crystal Archive paper. We print from 4X4" to 12x18" inclusive. We accept orders by post from all over the country and we send scans via We Transfer.




Photography has long been a passion within the Gunn family. John's Mother Lily established a small darkroom business from her home towards the end of the Second World War and it was his older brother Tom, himself a professional Photographer who first introduced John to the subject. John and Louise have been working together since 1966 where they were the management team behind the Photographic department in Roches chemist on Grafton Street. They went out on their own in 1971 when they opened up a boutique style camera shop on Pleasanst Street in Dublin 2. They operated from there for 9 years before making the move to Wexford Street on the 8th December 1980, the day John Lennon died. During this crossover period, Louise operated a Kitchen shop from the Pleasant Street site while John was in charge of the Photographic side of things on Wexford Street. It was at this time that they changed the title of the shop to include Marklin Model railways which were sold in Gunns for 30 years. In 1999 Fiona joined them on her graduation from College followed two years later in 2001 by Cathy on her graduation. They have been in house processing a full colour laboratory since 2000 when they started out with an Agfa mini lab but moved to a Fuji Lab in 2006.

You might think we get enough of each other from working all day together every day but we also close for holidays so that we can spend even more time together too.